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Mattress Cleaning

Today with busy schedules, life has become really busy that most people are not able to manage time to handle mattress cleaning. The consequence is that dust gets accumulated and there is certainly an increase in bacteria, dust allergens, dust mites and other factors. The issue of having an unhygienic mattress is becoming more common. These types of harmful agents make the house unhealthy to live in. That is why we at Staten Island Carpet do deep cleaning of all mattress and box springs. We offer this service to all residential and commercial customers.

Why Clean Your Mattress

An unhygienic mattress can become a fruitful breeding ground for dust mites and other agents such as bed bugs, as they prefer humid areas that carry dead skin. Mainly for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions, nothing good comes from an unclean mattress. Dust mites, dust mite excrement, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and other residues such as pet dander, dried urine, & other bodily fluids are some of the most harmful organisms found in mattresses. A sheet will simply not protect against the kind of dirt consisting of micro particles that can be harbored in mattresses. Cleaning your mattress every 2 years and turning it every 2 years keeps it clean and in good condition reducing health risks.

How We Clean

We are experts and professional enough to handle any mattress cleaning service. We are aware of the significance of cleaning and maintaining the originality of the mattress. This is why we use latest procedures and equipment to ensure the work is performed with perfection and quickly. We will thoroughly clean your mattress and give attention in removing dirt completely. We ensure organic treatments as we use quality organic and natural detergents and most of these items clean and remove the stains, in addition to they are odor-free. Our crew of experts are aware of the details of mattress cleaning and they extract bed bugs, their eggs and bacteria found on the mattress. We give a deep shampoo cleaning so that it is totally clean. We then extract the water to prevent mild and mold growth. We also clean fabric headboards and fabric walls. We clean comforters and bed linens as well.

Stain Removal

We can remove mostly every stain on a mattress:

Water Damage
Fire Damage
Bed Bugs
Dust Mites

FYI: Please open windows, for 24 full hours, in the rooms where the mattress was cleaned. It will speed up drying time, help prevent odors, mildew and mold growth

Area Rug Cleaning

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